Fisheries & Places to fish in Essex

Popular waters in Essex here you'll find information and links to fantastic fishing in Essex including website details, venue information and contact details. AA-Angling have collated information about waters throughout United Kingdom and provide as much information as possible in order that you may find the perfect waters in Essex to fish. Some waters are for specific species and others general good all round fishing venues.
If you know of any waters we don't have listed please let us know

Bentley Fishery
  • Tickets:Day Ticket: £15 12 Hour Night Ticket £15 24 Hour £25
  • Species:Carp to 30lb
  • Rules:Barbless or Microbarbed hooks only, Landing nets minimum 42", Unhooking mats compulsory, No keepnets or sacks, Mainline 12lb min, No braided mainline, No leadcore, No nut baits, No trout pellets

Predominatley a night session venue, only five anglers are allowed at any one time occupying 8 swims

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  • Tickets:Short Stay £5 per rod 24hrs £25 (3 rods) £18 (2 rods) 48hrs £48 (3 rods) £35 (2 rods) Other tariffs and Season Tickets are available.
  • Species:Carp to 40lb+ (average 20lb), Roach, Perch, Rud to 2lb, Bream & Tench to double figures, Pike to 34lb
  • Rules:No Carp sacks, Bivvies must be green or camoflaged, No alcohol

Official Venue of the British Carp Angling Championships

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Crow Green Fishery
  • Tickets:Day Ticket: £10 (1 or 2 rods) Night Fishing available for regular anglers only
  • Species:Carp to 30lb+, Catfish to 60lb+, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Bream, Pearch, Chub, Koi

Fishery comprising 3 lakes. Two lakes are for general pleasure fishing offering well stocked general course fishing. One lake is for the more serious angler offering some difficult but specimen fish. Car parking, toilet, vending machines and bait.

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Lake John Fishery
  • Tickets:Full Day Ticket: £8 (1 rod) £14 (2 rods) Half Day Ticket: £5 (1 rod) £7 (2 rods)
  • Species:Carp to 20lb+, Bream, Perch, Rudd, Roach
  • Rules:No night fishing, No boilies, No bolt rigs, No barbed hooks, No nuts or paste, No fixed method feeders, No bait boats, No braid to hook links, No mono, No cap sacks, Unhooking mats compulsory

Two well stocked lakes are available with a wide range of course fish. Car park available also suitable for disabled. Cafe on site open on weekends.

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Homestead Lake Park
  • Tickets:Day Ticket: £5 (2 rods) / 7 Day Ticket: £25
  • Species:Carp, Perch, Tench, Roach
  • Rules:Barbless hooks only, No blood works, No night fishing, No keepnets, Unhooking mats compulsory for carp

Fair sized coarse fishing lake with good sized carp along with other general coarse fish. Open to the public 9am-6pm Monday - Saturday, 10am-6pm Sunday

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Crowsheath Angling and Breeding farm
  • Tickets:Varies from £5 - £20 for 12 Hours
  • Species:Carp to 38lbs, Catfish to 74lbs, Bream to 7lbs, Roach, Rudd, Tench
  • Rules:No fixed bold rigs, Barbless hooks only, No braided main line, No lead core, No Tiger/ peanuts / Maples, No wire traces, No fish to be retained other than for photography

Fishery comprises 4 lakes from .5 acre to 4.5 acres. Catering for all types of anglers from the beginner to the specimen fisherman.

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